The language and Work

I am still at the beginning of learning Dutch. And I think the job I have been offered is less than my qualifications and experiences. Is it better to accept it? or Is it wise to wait? What other choices could be available for me? These are some of the newcomer’s questions nowadays.

Why starting work is essential

To be successful and happy at  a job or work, I think every one has to hand it to the expert in the field. In order to be considered for a new work, there are a number of basic requirements that applicants  must meet.  Diplomas, experiences and skills are crucial . But for the newcomers, the knowledge of the language comes first. Communicating successfully with workmates adds the most important factor that the interviewers and employers require. By working, a person can achieve not only practical purposes such as getting a better job or a promotion or dealing with the customers successfully, but it is a good chance to integrate and socialize with the society he or she lives in and share the same duties and rights with.

More roles of the language

To interact with  people, we need to speak or at least understand  their dialect. To be able to understand what is written, we need comprehensive reading. We often have  to write a letter or an email or fill in an application or a form. Not only that, at work, to accomplish  the duties properly, it is very important to understand and  positively react to the instructions and  tips. That means listening and understanding must be one of our goals. To manage these missions and tasks, what  path should we follow?


The language: obstacles and solutions

Many individuals often say to themselves, “If I were fluent at Dutch, my life would be much better”.  A lot start learning the language thinking that they can achieve it very soon. After a while they begin to feel frustrated and annoyed.They often forget  to take into  consideration that to learn a new  language, especially if they are old, is neither an easy nor a short journey.  And in fact, it is not  necessary  to be fluent like native speakers. Moreover, not having a clear plan and  serious interest may lead to disappointment. To overcome and pass this stage, we should  try to establish a real purpose and keep ourselves always motivated. Timing is very important. Learning step by step is the right way to change boredom into fun.

A short message     

Due to having experienced multiple unfortunate and stressful situations during the war in Syria, it is advisable to overcome sadness by working. And to insure a place in today’s competitive world and that our steps are on the right track, we have to invest most of our time in learning Dutch as soon as possible.

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