Using Work Computer for Personal Purposes

Should companies allow their employees to use the work computers for their own purposes? It is not secret that most people use computers at workplace for their own purposes. But what problems may this usage cause to both; the employer and the employee?

Bad effects on work            

When using personal devices, for any reason, this may make the system of the company vulnerable. Viruses can spread easily and destroy software and sometimes hardware, too. Restoring data is not going to be easy. It costs too much time and money.To avoid and decrease these problems, some IT companies have had an answer to this question by producing software to monitor such activities. This was adopted by many employers. To regulate work, they have policies to be signed by the employees before starting work. Others enforce monitoring upon using work computers and Internet even without the knowledge of the users themselves.

Privacy at work

This usage leads to many problems not only to the employers but to the employees themselves. Sometimes, office workers forget that they are not at home but at work. They open their bank accounts, send emails or surf the Internet. Whether they are using their own accounts, laptops, mobile phones, or tablets, the server of the company does not make difference while recording these activities if using the company’s network. Not only that, but, occasionally, they fail to remember to logout which opens on to difficult and serious situations and troubles.

Good compromise 

For more productivity and creativity at workplace, the employers can tailor rules that combine the benefits of both sides. They should take  into consideration creating a suitable environment which includes a margin of freedom, especially during break time, for the employees to use office computers provided that it does not result in wasting the time of work.


Actually, many leaders of companies trust and allow their employees resort to work computers and Internet to accomplish some essential personal needs. They believe it is a means of developing work and one of the rights of the employees when they do their work properly. And to the same degree of importance, in today’s workplace, the free coffee is crucial need for the workers. This could apply to the usage of the computer and Internet but with clear rules followed by the employees.

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